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Your mind is the king

Your mind can make you the king or a pauper. The choice is yours. It is the mind that accepts defeat or decides to be a winner. The mind that rejects and loses the will to win ends in depression.

The mind rules the body that is the complete slave to whim and fancy of it. In astrology, the Rahu is considered the head, plans schemes, and comes out with all the whacky ideas. That`s is why Rahu Dasa is often tough to predict. Ketu, the tail, symbolizes the headless body and is no brainier. Ketu Dasa is often a straight liner considering whether he is negative or positive in the chart but in general, the dasa is lined up with a spiritual tinge. The head, a demon that devours everything but the tail the simple follower, is with no desires or Maya.

What is the mind in astrology? The human mind a highly developed complex system is divided into four parts.

1.Conscious mind.

This the mind that is involved in everyday life, listens to the non-stop chatter, and is awake. This the 1st house of the natal chart. It is the querent and all his conscious doing. This is the alert mind and we try to control our active mind. Hence a good thought, positive thinking can go hand in hand in creating a positive subconscious mind. A healthy practice can create a healthy unconscious mind that keeps us on the right track. All the affirmations and the visualization techniques fall under this. The idea is to trick the mind to think right and positive even when it is not working actively. The Lagna lord in Lagna is conserved well because the native will be aware of himself. He is conscious all the time hence will try to do the right things.

2. Unconscious mind

Not many know it as the house of mind in astrology. This is the house of our habits and practices. On an outer layer, this is the house of work, the work forms a practice or repetitive patterns that form layers and become an unconscious mind. This unconscious mind is the 6th house. The 1st house lord in 6th is unaware in this house. He needs to keep checking his practices and thinking. He is in a house of monotony. A job is a monotony hence only a follower.

3. Sub-conscious mind

This is the most silent part of our mind. In the time chart this the 8th house. Often known as the basement of the chart or funeral place where yogis who embrace life and death with the same breath, live. It is the subconscious part and can only be tapped by meditation and other spiritual practices or tantra. The 8th house is the most difficult house in the natal chart. Many astrology books connect the dreams to the 12th house the house of sleep and the 9th house. But the dreams are in fact part of the subconscious mind represented by the 8th house. The Lagna lord placement in the 8th house creates a tough mind that is hard to penetrate. The moon placed in 8th is in fall. The ascendant or the moon in 8th makes the native dig deeper. The native cannot be satisfied by the superficial answers. The search will continue. Most of the researchers, scientists, and philosophers have a strong 8th house.

4. Superconscious mind

In the time chart, this is indicated by the 9th house. The ninth is considered the house of luck, higher learning, and the practiced religion.9th along with the 5th house is the portal of the past and future karmas and belief system. No surprises that religion is part of this brain. Our religious beliefs are so ingrained in our minds that we live and die with irrefutable faith. The ascendant lord placed in 9th is considered lucky, he is connected to the superconscious. This is the seat of our soul and it is in touch with the infinite.

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