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Year 2022- India

The planets are constantly moving. their movement is the time. The time that reveals secrets whether it is birthing of a universe, natal chart of a person, or a nation

India`s chart is believed to begin with the Taurus ascendant It is said the British decided to leave India, Mountbatten insisted that it should be on August 15th. Then present leaders were pushed to select an auspicious time . The time was not suitable. The leaders and Dr. Rajendra Prasad asked two wise astrologers to find the auspicious time in the given circumstances.

They chose Moon transit in Pushya as the constellation. Pushya Nakshatra is regarded as most auspicious in the Hindu scriptures. Pushya means ‘to nourish’ and hence this nakshatra provides energy. The rising ascendant was Taurus is a fixed and stable sign.

The Abhijit Mahurta is a powerful Muhurta for any auspicious occasion. it falls the midnight and midday. This was the best possible choice. According to this chart, the current planetary transit indicates the following.

This year in the month of January Lagan and the sixth lord Venus are in the 8th house. This combination shows increase sickness and health issues. The fourth lord of public, Sun is in also with the sixth lord indicating that health problems will continue as long Venus transits the eighth house. The cold weather will also stretch a bit longer.

The Sun transits to Capricorn and will be with Saturn in the ninth house. This indicates that there can be conflicts and opposition against the government and some changes in policies. There may be changes in agricultural policies/ laws.

We may have more fruitful and constructive dialogues with the neighboring.

The Saturn moves to 1oth house in April. This is good news. Saturn is yoga karaka His presence will increase jobs and business.

There is a difficult combination of planets happening in the 10th house from 28 April till12 May. We may see disturbances, upheaval, and violence. This year India may witness a scandal.

India will see an increase in exports this year. The Jupiter transit to Pisces. This will help the entrainment business. The travel industry business will increase. There are going be to be lesser restrictions. Railways, IT, communication, all set to gain. Children’s health will be good this year and also we will see an increase in the population.

April onwards the share market will find correction and few fluctuations.

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