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Why can`t I get it ?

The natal chart of the zodiac has only twelve houses. The astrology says that everything that a man will live with and for is all boxed in these boxes. These all sectioning of the boxes or the natal chart, an invisible demarcation in time and space that is layered and framed in the 360 degrees of the zodiac and with this are the nine divine planets who bless us, mere mortals. This all is intangible from prediction purposes, as nothing is visible but the astronomy validates the space and the position of the planets. There are only nine planets that say that every box or space doesn’t have a resident planet. This implies that we are short of three so we are left with only nine bestowers. And out of the nine, only a few like Jupiter, Moon, Venus, and Mercury are benefic. The Moon and Mercury at times are conditional benefits. This implies that we are further left with only three or four planets. This combination says that if life`s all possible offerings are in these boxes only we get only a few. The rest is there but may or may not be ours. A similar example would be of a window display in which a passerby can only look at, desire, crave but may not get it.
So why is this matrix thrown at us? Why do we not get everything? Why some even get bare and some make it there. Destiny favors only a few and the rest stand in the queue.
The astrologer is often left to read this crypt and find the gifts. The querent is seldom able to accept that we don’t get everything in this life. The reasons are various and from a spiritual perspective and understanding of Vedas, the answer lies in the past life that no one remembers.
The adepts say that prayers, chanting and good deeds are the salvation that may not totally erase the sufferings but surely reduce them.

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    Nicely written with picked and chosen words. very expressive. Large meaning in Less words. देखन में छोटन लगे, घाव करे गंभीर।

    Truly said, “Destiny favors only a few and the rest stand in the queue”. It is the sole philosophy of life everyone should understand.

    WINDOW SHOPPING is the truth of LIFE.


    • Maina Bhatnagar

      Thank you, Pratap , for your comments and time.

  2. Rahul

    Excellent maina madam like always .

    • Maina Bhatnagar

      Thank you ,sir.

  3. Raj anand

    Brilliant piece of writing . A well described version of success and failures of individuals..

    • Maina Bhatnagar

      Thank you very much, Raj.

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