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Tower- Beginning of an End.

Life can go wrong at any time. Perfectly seeming pictures can become a symbol of destruction, share markets may crash, one may lose spouse to cruel destiny or the pink slip can be yours this time.
These are the hard realities of life that may thunderbolt from now where and uproot the whole life .Often these events are very destructive and leave no scope for repair. They call for complete renewal or a long wait. The times call for retrospection with an open mind.
In tarot reading these events are indicated by very strong cards. Card Tower symbolizes these events and gives a guidance to deal with them.
The symbolism in Rider Waite deck is remarkable .To understand them better one has to dive deeper and explore the mysticism of Tarot..
Following is the excerpt from my book “The Secret Bridge of Tarot and Astrology.

The pictorial meaning of the card seems simple but meanings need to be peeled off from the thin layers. This sixteenth card of tarot represents the material fall of Adam and the ego-tripping of the Fool who begin his journey of tarot on spiritual quest. Most significations of this card are derived from the idea of fall.
The materialization of the spiritual letter (Vau) is likened to the story House of Babel from the old testament of Bible. The fall of Adam or the fall of men from the tower is an indicative of the fall from the throne or the position of stability. The fallen tower shows us the result of running away from reality, avoiding responsibilities till they throw our life out of gear. Lightning is an old form of descent of divine powers into the physical world. The base of tower is still on ground shows how hard ingrained behaviors take time to leave.
This throw can happen to us anywhere……… a loss of job, break in relationship, divorce or loss of child. Card Tower indicates an unpredictable loss. There is a lesson in the tragedy; Emperor Asoka the great won the battle of Kalinga but the disastrous effects of the Kalinga War had far reaching influence on his mind and soul. The mighty ruler adopted Buddhism as the official religion of the state. Understanding the cause and effect of war the serves the example of the enlightenment that happens after the Tower.
Sudden accidents, emotional problems, divorce, separation, life shaking events breaking away from old long standing rules, ego blow, crisis, crash, disruption, flash of enlightenment are mostly notable negative meaning of this card. Sudden liberation helps in breaking away from a miserable situation. When lightning strikes, the sparks ignite the fire raging across the life lived clearing the dead wood. When a relationship breaks, thundering is heard only by the one living in that house. My mind boards the rushing train of thoughts that flood my brain when I see the card TOWER. It is remarkable that the cards come only when they have to say something, emphasizing facts, which we know and yet keep pushing under the carpet.
When the lightning strikes it kills everything but the wisdom. You have to carry the ashes and move on. Similar to chemotherapy everything will be build afresh and new ideas will create a better life. One must look at the signs life gives, not wait to get a jolt and find the rug stripped beneath the feet.

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