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Time, Stars and Matsya Puran

Astrologically the Moon is a very significant planet. Not only that he is the closest planet to earth, has the most visible impact on the earth- he is the beginner of the dasa system as well. The life experiences that we go through, stems from his placement in the respective star. The star is the kingmaker, Moon is his forerunner. Moon represents the mind and the experience of every feeling on this earth of happiness, love, misery, hunger, and much more. Moon initiates the dasa system, a remarkable system of calculating how and where we will live our lives. But Moon is dependent on his star and he drives his strength and the essence of time from the stars.

Vedic astrology divides the natal chart in 12 signs that is a calculation of the zodiac. This is a gross calculation, the zodiac is not exactly geometrically divided into twelve signs to get the thirty-degree division. The Vedic system follows the planetary transit to calculate time by rotating the radical chart from the Moon. As feelings, emotions, and experience are all the dominion of Moon in astrology. However, this is done to find an easy way of the area that is known as signs of the zodiac. Krishnamurti Paddhati has the signs extended to other houses depending on the degree.
Nevertheless, beyond the signs lie the stars that are the real source of calculation. The stars are the calculating point used by astronomers to calculate the age of the earth.
Matsya Puran gives a reference to the beginning of Kalyuga from the birth of King Parikshit. It clearly mentions that at the time of the birth of King Parikshit the sapt rishis or Great bear /Ursa Major was in the star of Magha or Regulus. This is a sterling and accurate point of calculation. It further adds that the transit of sapt rishis in the star Magha is of hundred years.
The Vedas and Puranas are our heritage and astrology is part of Vedas. I am referring to the Mataysa Puran that is explained further.
“And now hear the tale of multiplication of eighty crores of Daksha sons.
Daksha became the progenitor of the queerest race. Among his children were some biped, some had more feet and some had long ears and many more variety. On seeing such a vast multitude of his progeny, Daksha created a large number of women.
Out of the girls he created, he gave ten to Dharma, thirteen to Rishi Kshayap, and twenty-seven to the Moon that form-creating galaxy of stars. These very the same daughters that Daksha produced the further race of Devas, Rakkshas, mankind and the other being inhabiting the extensive universe.”

The placement of Moon in a natal chart speaks volumes of how the native will live and the life in general, from the houses it owns and the many more combination. Interestingly no important yoga is formed in the natal chart without the help of Moon. This is the most valid point of his significance. The most interesting fact is that the Moon placement in the respective star brings about the real traits of the person, possibilities of the kind of work he or she will do. For example, if Moon is in Ashwini star he will have the desire or the qualities to be a healer or a doctor. Ashwini Kumars are sons of god Sun and are the healers/doctors of Gods. The stars of Venus bless the native will procreation, creation and nurturing entertainment, and many more.
The crux is that the stars that are the farthest point of our worlds and beyond have a maximum say in life and time. They are the central point around which the time lives for us and for the existence of the earth.

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  1. Reema khanna

    Amazing …reverence To You for your knowledge and experience.

    • Maina Bhatnagar

      Thank you, Reema. You are an avid reader of so many spiritual books. It is a delight to converse with you.

  2. Simran Singh

    Extremely indepth knowledge and very well explained.please do give us more!!

    • Maina Bhatnagar

      Thank you, Simran for your time and encouragement.

  3. Lata kumar

    Good insight! I am a moon sign told..

    • Maina Bhatnagar

      Thanks. Lata, you are a Virgo. Where is your Moon? He will reveal a lot about you

  4. RVK Singh

    Thank you for this amazing insight into this wonderful world of Astrology. Thank you also for giving the glimpses of ancient history.
    Looking forwards to many more of such full of wisdom posts.

    Warm regards

    RVK Singh

    • Maina Bhatnagar

      Thank you Mr.Singh, for your precious time.

    • Maina Bhatnagar

      Thanks for reading,Mr Singh.

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