Tarot Reading

Maina Bhatnagar The seventy-eight cards of Tarot deck, that speak of the 360 degrees of wisdom are not regular cards. These tarot cards are the mystic, cryptic and the most intriguing methods of divination. They are the greatest observer and absorber of the querent`s mind and unveil the answers effortlessly. It is believed that the subconscious mind has all the answers but the conscious mind finds it difficult to read since it is tangled in the everyday affairs. The tarot images are symbols that speak directly to personal unconscious because symbolism is the language of the unconscious, the larger realm of the mind including the subconscious. The spiritual significance of tarot cards lifts them high from being mere fortune telling mediums. They accentuate on evolution, spiritual growth, karmic forces and cosmic subconscious. The right way of getting a tarot reading is to hold the cards in own hands. The cards begin their job of absorbing the energy to reveal the future and they come up in the right positions. A good reader with experience and a certain amount of psychic helps in understanding how the cards have divulged the reading. The cards can show the most likely future outcome based on the current actions in any situation. Tarot can benefit the querent by giving a better understanding of past, present and future.