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President Donald Trump

The current news is busy with the prospects of impeaching US President Donald Trump .I have taken a prashna /horary chart on 27/9/2019 at 1405 hrs.The prashna indicates hard time for him ,mental agony and clearly shows him going through the impeachment. At the end he will come out unscathed .All the planets are supporting him and weakening the opponent house.
His natal chart shows birth time of 14 June 1946 at (Queens County), New York, 40n42, 73w4859.His chart begins with Leo ascendant. He has an extremely powerful chart. One can see that he has always been powerful and influential.The present dasha shows that he is presently going through the Mahadasha of Jupiter with the antar dasha of Saturn till October 2020. This is a tough time as the Saturn being a strong opponent of the Leo ascendant, is hell bent on pulling him down. This tug of war will continue until the last of antardasha. Jupiter- Saturn –Rahu will give him relief; this will be the end part of June, near to his birthday.

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