Maina BhatnagarGod created man and said,” I am writing your future in your hands, it’s a secret code to know your destiny.” He drew some lines in the man`s hand and told him that when you need to know your future try reading these lines. Etched as long, short, wavy, tiny different kinds, these lines are the cryptic in a man`s life. These are no ordinary lines; they can be seen even in a new born baby`s palm as they are formed before birth in the mother`s womb. Every hand is different as is every man and his destiny. Out of all the lines, three major lines, life line, brain line and the heart lines are often present but the chance lines that are the new lines (predict short term future) keep changing. The hand also has seven mounds for seven planets, placed at the base fingers and along the sides of hands.

These mounts are Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Sun, Mercury and Moon. The planets reveal a lot about the native. As in astrology planets in hand also predict future. Readers will find it interesting that there is a great similarity in the planets in hand with ones in the natal chart. The shape of hand, skin, texture, length and flexibility of the fingers and thumb, shape and size of nails, all carry wealth of information and can reveal the secrets unknown to the bearer. Palmistry is a divine science based on the above factors and more. A good palmist will read your nature, thinking, work, success, capabilities, health, marriage and many more major events in life.