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Now : What`s Next ?

These are not easy times. The world is in chaos and struggling to rise out of the muddy waters. Anything and everything that could have gone wrong has gone. We have polluted the rivers, polluted the air, killed and eaten animals, and destroyed the environment. Man has knowingly abused nature and is now suffering. The human race has done enough damage. Can we do more? Yes, ignorance can add more. Have we learned? Yes, many of us have.
When everything falls apart, the only thing we are left with is hope. Similar to the Greek mythology Pandora, the first human, we have opened the bottle and let the evil out. After all, the hell broke Pandora heard Hope knock. Trusting her instincts, she opened the lid again and that let Hope out. The mythology says that once Hope came out she helped mankind restore things to order.
Luckily we have seen the good side as well. Nature has proven that not only she can destroy us she can also heal herself. We, the humans who thought of ourselves the mightiest, are biting the dust. An invisible thing has pushed us into the darkest corners of fear but now we need to hold that hand of Hope. Nature has cleaned the rivers that we could not with tons of money and thousands of planning. The air cleaned up, birds and animals came out to claim their share of land and remind us that nature calls for a balance. The sky is clear and stars shine brighter than many of us we even remember. The lessons are mindboggling for all.
This is the time to look forward to creating a healthier world, respect the animals and the environment, Acceptance is the key but along with this, we have to restore order.
There is no point in saying that Saturn will turn retro and Jupiter will be malefic. They have done their job. The planets have shaken the entire world that humans live in. Nature and time have proven to be the strongest. Strongest nations have succumbed and weaker have held their grounds. This may change too. However, this is the time to believe that we can stand and face whatever comes ahead.
There is no point in getting scared. As the world opens up, we need to be cautious about the laid out norms. It is good to see what we gained, a healthier environment. How to capacity to live indoors, live with bare necessity. A lesson that a healthy lifestyle is important, nations need to build a stronger healthcare system. Leaders should realize that there is no point in going to Mars if we cannot manage the earth. Channel resources in the right direction. The world leaders should learn to share secrets and help build a strong immune world because viruses don’t die. They just hide. Take nothing for granted.
Mankind has survived wars, famine, floods, and much more. we have crushed polio smallpox, fought Ebola, cancer and many more. This too can be won. History has proved that the nations crumbled by war rose to be stronger and became shining examples to the world. Survival of the fittest has been the key to life and we will survive this. Just be careful and do not let the guard of personal safety down. We will win corona and anything else that comes.

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  1. Rahul

    Excellent πŸ™πŸ‘Œ

    • Anita Singh

      Very well written. Excellent read. Everything condensed & explained so well. Loved it 😁

      • Maina Bhatnagar

        Thank you, Mrs Singh, for the encouragement.

    • Maina Bhatnagar

      Thanks Dr. Rahul.

  2. Dr Vinod Sharma


    • Maina Bhatnagar

      Thanks,Dr Vinod.

  3. Wonderful! Soothing!

    • Maina Bhatnagar

      Thanks, Saloni.

  4. Lata kumar


  5. Priyanka gupta

    Nature is indeed powerful, much more than we think . V nice article Maina πŸ‘

    • Maina Bhatnagar

      Thanks a lot, Priyanka.

  6. Simran singh

    Very well explained and excellently written.Thank you

    • Maina Bhatnagar

      Thanks, Simran for your precious time.

  7. Anupama Bhinder

    Wonderfully explained what is happening in the universe and how a nature can change itself without expanding any penny. Thanks a lot dear.

    • Maina Bhatnagar

      Thank you Anupma.You are so right. The best things in the world are free.

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