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My predictions

I am an astrologer and a tarot card reader.

I have written many books on astrology and tarot . For past thirty years I have successfully guided to people from all walks of life and I am grateful to God for this opportunity.

Today I am going to share some of my predictions.

On June of 2012 on my face book page I had written that watch Mr. Narendra Modi as a candidate from BJP party and watch him become the next prime minister Of our country Modi became prime minister in May of 2014 ,two  years after the prediction. At the time of prediction Mr. Manmohan Singh was the prime minster and no one could have guessed that  Mr. Modi would become prime minster

On January of 2020 , much before the covid pandemic broke allover the world I had predicted  on my youtube channel video  that the nature of disease ,how it will spread world wide and most importantly that the  two women will find the cure or  the vaccine.

On February of 2020 I had predicted the president of America Mr. Donald Trump will walk free of impeachment.

On March of 2020 I had predicted through Krishnamurti Paddhati that Mr. Joe Biden will be the next president of America .I had explained through the planetary combinations that Mr. Donald Trump will lose the elections. I had made this prediction almost eleven months before the Mr. Joe Biden took over the office and this was the most anticipated election.

On January of 2021 I had predicted   that BJP will lose the  west Bengal  assemble elections.

On May 2021I had predicted that  Bhartiya Janta  party will win the Uttar Pradesh elections. And I had also predicted that they will form the government in full majority. This prediction was made ten months before the results.

On June of 2021 ,I had predicted that, the then Prime minister Mr. Netanyahu will lose the election and the incoming  Mr .Bennet will form government . I had also predicted that the incoming Bennet government will not last beyond June of 2022.The Bennet government collapsed on June of 2022 and they are going for elections in November of this year.

On September t of 2021 I had predicted that the BJP willform government in Uttarakhand. The results came in after six months of prediction

On October of 2021 I had predicted  that the Aam Admi Party will form government in Punjab. This was very tough election as at that time Congress was the strongest contender of power position.

On January of 2022 I had predicted that the share market will come down after April .The share market has slid past April

On January  of 2022 I had also predicted that the British Prime minster Mr. Boris Johnson  will not be able to continue his prime minster term  after February of this year.Mr.  Johnson resigned on 7th July.

I have made many more predictions on mundane , earthquakes and many other subjects on my social media pages of Facebook, Twitter and on my website

The time of change has started with the onset of COVID on our earth and as we see natural calamities killing us one by one. This fiery destructive dance of nature is here to stay for a long time. From the year 2020 to the year 2030, we and the coming generations will see many changes in the climate, humanity and living conditions on our earth. There is still time and we need to wake up and act collectively regardless of personal, political or social issues.

Occult is  my favorite subject and my obsession .I like to delve where many can`t see.

If you want me to read your chart  please connect with me on my phone number , on my social media pages or my website.

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