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Lord Krishna and the Vishakha constellation

Lord Krishna and Vishakha constellation

The constellation of Vishakha lies between20*00 Libra to 3*20 of Scorpio, has four stars Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Iota Librae. The Vedic literature calls this, throne of Lord Indra. Ruled by Indragni , significance of Vishakha is read through the Moon transit in the natal chart. Vishakha is ruled by Indragni, the pure fire that lights up hawans and all kinds of auspicious fires. Natives of Vishakha are known to be very focused and dedicated. Shri Radha, beloved of Krishna , the other name for this constellation, is the essence of Vishaka .Here is an interesting story to this. It is said that once lord Krishna fell very sick and his health started deteriorating as there was no cure. His devotes were devastated, no one knew how to cure the lord. All the gopis went crying helplessly to lord Krishna . Krishna said that to heal him any of the gopi could wash their feet in water and give the water to drink as medicine. This was shocking for the gopis who were madly in love with him . How could they wash their feet and give the dirty water to Krishna, the eternal love who they adored and worshiped? Who would bear the sin that would cross many lives ! All the gopis and the devotees refused, no one was willing to bear the awful sin and live in hell. When this news reached to Radha ,she came running, unhesitatingly she washed her feet in water and gave the dirty water to Krishna to drink. Gopis warned Radha for the repercussions of living in hell for such an odious, sinful act. Radha replied “it does not matter to me whether I go to hell or heaven , as long Krishna heals. Hearing this Krishna smiled and told the Gopis.” I was testing your love for me. True love transcends sin and sinner. It is the intent that matters.

“Characteristics of Vishakha, dedication, goals and the ways to achieve it. Natives born in this constellation have beautifully etched and dreamy eyes.

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