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Libra – The Diplomat

The sign Libra is placed opposite to Aries,the seventh in the time chart or the horoscope. It is the counterbalance of Aries. There is a popular saying that what you don’t have your spouse will have. This is proven by the vibrant overactive Aries counter checked by well balanced, calm and collected Libra. This makes Librans just opposite of Aries.The month dedicated is October.
Though Libra is a moveable sign yet the Librans are relaxed and take their own sweet time. The energy here is driven and controlled by Venus that is the laid back queen. You will seldom find Librans fighting, on the contrary, they are the best deal maker, arbitrators, diplomats and negotiators.
In looks Librans are tall, slender, well-proportioned, strong body, handsome appearance, fine skin, baldness in middle age and some have thick eyebrows. The nose is often a bit bent.
In nature, they are gentle, compassionate, courteous and honest. They are known to judge well, weigh the pros and cons before making any decision. This is a sign of business and they are good at this. Being airy sign, the Librans have all four important houses in quadrant make them change residences often and undertake frequent travels. They are generally popular and more so with the opposite sex.
What makes Libran that they are?
Beginning from Aries till the Virgo is the inner world is pronounced but from Libra the outer world begins. The soul is looking at the outer side. All the other six houses now deal with outside. This is like a time of stepping out of the house and seeing what lies out and beyond. This is the outer world and hence this makes them social as well. It is also the balancing point of the chart. Libra stands for dynamic balance. Libra stands at the crucial juncture separating the materialization trend from spiritualization: this is said to bring a kind of balance The external stillness of the Libran is counterbalanced by inner movement. As the symbols indicate, perfect balance exists under Libra despite the action of opposing forces. This principle has wide implications and being the other side of the natal chart this is from where the outer world is visible.No wonder why Librans like to show off. They love the display. The first six signs of the zodiac involve the immersion of the spirit in matter, known as involution. The second six give the involved soul the task of breaking through its bondage to matter to return to the pure spirit or spiritual evolution. famouse Libra celerbites are Father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi, actress Kate Winslet, tennis star Serena Williams and co founder of Beatles , musician John Lennon.
.They are fortunate during the age of 29 to 45.
Health is a concern from the age of 62 to 71.

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