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Jupiter transit in Saggitarius

Jupiter transited to the sign of Sagittarius on 5th November 2019. He is conjunct with Saturn and Ketu. Astronomically Jupiter is the largest planet of our solar system. Astrologically he is the biggest benefactor and creates many great yogas in the natal chart.
Astrology mainly observes the transit of Jupiter, Saturn and Rahu-Ketu. They are the outer planet and have a greater impact Saturn takes two and a half years, Jupiter eleven months and Rahu- Ketu eighteen months to circle around the sun. The nine planets and their transit form the base for predicting any event. Astrology uses this transit for mundane and personal interpretations. The transit is also used for mahurta or finding an auspicious time.
Most people do not know that the heavenly transit is subservient to the natal chart dasha period. Jupiter is a benevolent planet and astrologers often use his transit to proclaim great positive changes in the natal chart. In fact, the transit is used in the natal chart to predict the event in concurrence with the natal chart dasha. The transit is also used in horary or the prashna chart. In this case, a new chart is erected to find an event. The current position of the planets relating to the house of the query predict the event
Jupiter owns sign Sagittarius, ninth house of time chart, a benefic sign of higher education, destiny, dharma, philosophy good judgment and many more. However, Jupiter also owns Pisces, a sign of loss, spirituality and many more. Therefore, he is benefic and can be a malefic as well. If Jupiter is not well placed in your chart, his transit will not help you surmount your problems. He can slightly ease out but not solve. If he is benefic in his transit and in your natal chart, he will bestow good result.
This transit predicts worldly matters in mundane astrology. Matters that impact on a larger scale. For example, Jupiter is a planet of religion, philosophy and higher values. His transit in his own sign increases his own values. Understand this rule by observing the Ayodhya verdict. The court judgment has favoured construction of Lord Rama temple. This reinforces religion and courts. Coming times will see courts having a stronger say in everyday matters.
As long, as he is in the Sagittarius, religion, philosophy and similar beliefs will strengthen and dominate national matters.
To understand how the Jupiter transit will affect you, study his placement in your chart in relation to the transit and the dasha.

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