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How long will you live?

How long will you live?

There is no greater desire than of living longer. With all the craze for a youthful look, the desire to live healthy and longer is getting stronger than ever. There are various diet plans, different ways of exercises and various health support medicines today, that talk of giving us long and healthy life.

But how long can a human live?

The mayfly has the shortest life span of 24 hours, and the longest life span of 177 years   is given to the tortoise. And we humans have a maximum life of 120 years .So how have we have reached to this number?

To explain this, I am referring to a chapter of science that talks about the Hayflick limit.In 1962 Professor Leonard Hayflick found out that the cultured normal human cell has a limited capacity to divide after which it become senescent. The concept states that a normal human cell can only replicate and divide forty to sixty times before it cannot divide anymore and will break down by programmed cell death. This phenomenon is known as Hayflick Limit. This has helped the scientist study the concept of cellular aging on human population from embryonic stage till death. This means that we humans cannot live forever. Data from Walford (1983) and Encyclopedia Britannica online says that we have a life span of 120 years. This is the scientific validation after years of research.

Though there are claims of people living longer than that but are not validated well enough. Interestingly the astrology also ascribes human a life 120 years. Although in mythology the rishis lived for thousands of years but human have birth and death.In astrology the Vimshottri dasa system is the most popular dasa system for prediction. This scheme has nine planets, and these nine planets have their own timeline applied to the natal chart.

 Every planet has a cycle of certain years and that applies from the birth till the death. The nine planets in total give the native 120 years. Beginning from Sun that gives 6 years, Moon 10 Mars 7, Mercury 17, Jupiter 16 Rahu, 18 Saturn 19, Ketu 7 and Venus 20. Right from the embryo, planets govern each month and signify stages of growth in human body.

The first month is of Venus as it represent the seed and it all in a liquid state,2nd month Mars that solidifies it , 3rd month is of  Jupiter that gives the limbs  4th bones by  Sun,5th moon gives skin, 6th Saturn gives the hair growth ,7month  mercury gives   the nervous system  8th the Adhyana  lagna: the feeding system and again 9th and 10th belong to Moon and Sun as they help the birthing.

So, it is evident that all these 9 planets rule us right from the seed stage.

The natal chart has 12 houses and apart from Sun and Moon that rule one house each the rest of each planet rules 2 house. Their transit in the sign and natal chart relation to the vimshotri dasa plan gives a total life span of 120 years. So now why some die at birth, some in middle age, some strike a century, and some lucky ones go past depends on the placement of these nine planets. In astrology our rishis desi designed such astonishing complex matrix called natal chart, in which the placement of these planets reveals our life span. Some planets become life giver and some death giver, some give us health and some disease. Depending on our deeds the benefice also become   maleficent and vice versa. So, this all depends on our karmic baggage, this life`s wisdom and how we are going to spend our belongings in this world be it material, physical or spiritual.

. Every action has a reaction. be it yesterday today or tomorrow. So, we have this wisdom of   astrology that can predict from our life span and can also predict when the native will be born.

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