Horoscopes Reading

Lord GaneshaThe personal chart readings are based on the natal chart or the janampatri. The natal chart gives detail information for the entire life of the querent. It is important to have a correct time of birth, date and place of birth. This helps find correct latitude and longitude for the precise positioning of the planets at birth time. The placements of planets in the twelve zodiac signs, their ownerships, their equation to the houses reveal the native`s personality, choices, house, happiness health, wealth, work, marriage, children and much more. The 12 houses of zodiac hide all the events a man will experience in his life time. It is defined by 12 signs and 27 constellations that lie along the annual path of the sun transit across the sky. Predictions are based on the natal chart, planetary positions and the equation of the planetary transit. No planet is a bad planet, all are kind and benevolent. These celestial bodies bless the native according to their relationship to the chart. An experienced astrologer makes his prediction reading through these myriad permutations and combinations.