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Aquarius -The Humanitarian
Aquarius are the biggest philanthropist, visionaries, benefactors of society and the trailblazer of the zodiac. They love progress, technology, computers and can achieve a lot through their logical and innovative mind. Aquarians, believe in their offbeat approach and trust that a new approach is what changes the world. Often it takes some sudden call of circumstances to make the best of themselves. They perform best on duty where they feel responsible for others. At some point, they can get a great deal of money from an unknown source. They are prone to sprains in ankles.


Aries-New born
Arians are the baby of the zodiac with tantrums of their own. The strongest and the weakest are found in this sign. Natives in this sign often go back on their words because they are impulsive. They promise but if they get time to reflect fear sets in and they back off. If Mars is well placed in their chart they can rise to unknown heights because fear does not exist in their dictionary.This can make great warriors They have a curious and mystical side to them. Mars also rules their 8th house that is the house of occult. If they feel that they are trusted they will be very loyal. They need to be careful about money as they don’t like to save much.


Cancer-Mr Homebody
These people love their homes, spend a lot of time and money decorating it yet are very restless. They make homes, marry but have trouble in maintaining. They are the most sensitive people of the entire zodiac. They are affectionate but seldom demonstrative. They make great efforts in accumulating wealth. Industrious, hardworking and gifted with strong imagination and make great composers and musicians. Like a crab, they keep advancing and retreating till they reach some concrete point. Cancerian love to study occult sciences or philosophy.


Capricorn-The workhorse
The workhorse of the zodiac. Capricorns acquire wealth through their personal efforts than fortune. They should only lend money if they want to lose it. They should aim for a public career.Advised investment areas are coal, iron, machinery or agriculture. They are thinkers, reason well and make natural leaders of business organisations. Have strong mental force but sometimes are misunderstood by others.They have a vigorous constitution and a good physical stamina.Healthwise they are prone to knee problems.


Gemini-The wordsmith
An unknown trait of a Gemini is that he tries to dominate others and he is often unaware of it. Gemini is a very intelligent sign and the natives are blessed with excellent communication skills. They should find time to relax and calm their mind, as their brain is working overtime thinking They are governed by their sensations and love has a greater hold on their lives. They are easily misled by their emotions. It is advisable for them to make decisions when they are alone. They have an innate sense of harmony, rhythm and colour.


Leo-The king
If there is a king, he is a Leo. Leos radiate warmth love, kindness and strong personal magnetism that makes them very popular. Their idealistic love affairs and romance bring strong and unusual episodes in their lives. They are independent and detest being controlled The Leo is the frankest, truthful and honest sign. They make enemies by their frankness and over critical behaviour. They should plan their finances for large-scale and include public welfare. Leo generally is endowed with good recuperating capacity. They should take plenty of sun baths.


Libra-The Arbitrator
Their art lies in the perfecting the art of balance. Their symbol scales define them well as they always seem to be mentally balancing things to get an even judgement. Librans are peace lovers, even-tempered and the best arbitrators. They have a great foresight and intuition and are best when they act on their first impression. They have a natural gift for art and music, can excel in effortlessly. Since they mostly live in present they often run short of resources for future. Librans need to save money for the rainy day. Health wise they are susceptible to kidney and skin problems.


Pisces-The Dreamer
They are highly adaptable and find no time in getting along. A Pisces loves to dream and is highly intuitive. Pisceans have well developed spiritual side making them a bit misunderstood by the common man.The ideal and impractical side of them gives them trouble in adjusting to the everyday world. They should look for work in creative, writing, and artistic fields so that their true self is well looked after and finds expression. They can also work well in fields of religion and mysticism. Since they are very sensitive and tend to be escapists they are advised to stay away from alcohol and drugs.


Sagittarius-The socialite
This is the social sign of the zodiac. Generally, there are two kinds of Sagittarius, one who has very high ideals is inclined to generosity. They are the best in their care for subordinates as well as employers. The other kind is a bit critical and can get pennywise pound foolish. Sagittarians are law-abiding, religious, people and teach their children high moral values. They are blessed with high concentration and willpower and can succeed in whatever they do. They should be given a free hand in choosing their vocation. Inactivity for these natives would mean despondency and decay.


Scorpio-Forgives but never forgets
Beware of the scorpion, he carries the sting all the time. Most of the Scorpion are intense people if Mars is well placed in their chart they can be identified by miles. They have great magnetic powers and can be the best orators to stir up heavy emotional speech. They can sway the audience in their direction. The scorpion is very pure-minded and religious till mid-twenties but after the maturity sets in they move in the other direction. They procrastinate a lot and often start putting off work for tomorrow. Scorpions are best in danger and crisis. The best surgeons are found in this sign. Sex quality is an enormous factor in their lives.


Taurus- The Persistent
These people have great mental energy. They are self-willed and like to face the facts. Like their sign bull, they like to go to extremes in all things. They should avoid taking alcohol or any exciting drugs. More of a straight shooter, a Taurus often has to learn tactfulness. Their strength lies in being unusually strong and stubborn to achieve. No wonder they end up becoming successful organizers or heads of big businesses. Often they are unhappy in their married life because they have too many expectations from their partners. They live an extravagant lifestyle.


Virgo-Mr Perfectionist
This is the most fastidious sign of the zodiac. They seek perfection in everything they do. They are very critical of their own actions and have high standards. It is not easy to cope up with a Virgo. Most of them are pure-minded in their early stages of life, no wonder their sign symbol is a virgin. They can adapt themselves to any pursuit in life and will chase it till the end. They hard working resilient, usually materialistic in their views of life with a great capacity to analyse and reason everything in their own way of thinking.