Prashna / Horary

Lord GaneshaHorary chart or the Prashna Kundli is one the most remarkable astrological methods of divinations. Some natives do not know their exact time, date or place of birth but they can find answers through the horary method. And in case of very specific question such as job, missing person, lost object, a horary chart is constructed. The Vedic astrology uses the time of question as the main focal point and the planetary positions are taken in account to answer the query. In Krishnamurti Paddhati the querent or the seeker is asked to give a number between 1 to 249. This number decides the ascendant; the current planetary positions are taken into consideration to give prediction. The prashna gives amazingly precise results. Horary chart is the most successful method of prediction and has been used since ancient times for prediction.