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Corona and the collective consciousness

Mythology is read as a story that entertains and may have happened in some time, a time that was not ours. The time when myth ruled and the truth seemed exaggerated. Different cultures had similar stories of gods and demi-gods saving the man. Isis, in Egyptian mythology, invoked for healing spell to benefit the sick. Chinese mythology talks about gods and demigods who help in a crisis. The Greek mythology hero Hercules similar to Lord Krishna has a list of achievements; he too strangles a snake in childhood sent to kill him.
In many cultures like Egyptians and Indians, a demon attacked the earth and captured the glorious mankind. The earth dwellers panicked but there was no place to hide. They ran to gods who fought the demon and failed. They too hid in the abyss, the stronger one finally ran to the Trinity – Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh (the everlasting energy that creates, nurtures and destroys the unwanted) and pleaded them to help the rishis the humans and the rest of living being of the earth. The Trinity created another being to fight the evil. They blessed the new warrior and gave him or her powers enough to fight the evil on earth.
A similar story of the demons Madhu and Kaitabha Rakshasas or demons were slain by Goddess Durga is narrated gloriously as shlokas in Puranas.
Today’s time is no different. With the man hiding in his house and the temples closed – for the common man the final protection shut. However, such is the power of the invisible that has knocked us off guard with no prior experience. The man now depends on the superhuman like the power of innovation, a scientific miracle to fight the virus or divine intervention. Be it in the form of discovering medicine or a planetary transit- a miracle is highly awaited. The human intellect and power challenged by a devil as a virus has made us hide in the dark abyss of fear. This devil comes from our mistakes; the realization is going to help us deal with this and more that may come in the future. When a problem becomes big and thousands start facing and solving, it gets easier. This is because there is a collective consciousness in us that prepares us for collective intelligence. Collective intelligence strongly contributes to the shift of knowledge and power from the individual to the collective groups and extends further as more and more understand and stand to gain from it.
The best example is Sudoku. It began in 1979 but became popular in 1986. Challenging initially but as more people started solving it became easy. This too will be solved faster. The world is thinking like one. The key to solving a problem is thinking, following and solving collectively. Today we all need to follow the rules and fight this virus collectively by being far and distant from each other. Paradox, as it appears, yet is the best approach. Mankind will live.
This is the mother earth adjusting her to the overload created by our blunders.

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  1. Rajvir

    An Excellent insight!!
    It’s mother nature’s own way of healing herself!!
    We are getting enough time to introspect, mind & mend our ways of living.
    We must live in sync with mother nature and respect all creatures on the planet Earth.

    • Maina Bhatnagar

      Absolutely..This is a reminder to us who have forgotten to live in and with mother nature. Thanks for reading , Rajvir.

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