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Lord Krishna and the Vishakha constellation

Lord Krishna and Vishakha constellation

The constellation of Vishakha lies between20*00 Libra to 3*20 of Scorpio, has four stars Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Iota Librae. The Vedic literature calls this, throne of Lord Indra. Ruled by Indragni , significance of Vishakha is read through the Moon transit in the

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My predictions

I am an astrologer and a tarot card reader.

I have written many books on astrology and tarot . For past thirty years I have successfully guided to people from all walks of life and I am grateful to God for this opportunity.

Today I am going

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The true ruler of the natal chart

Rahu Ketu -Dasha interpretation and remedy


The snake has been worshiped in all cultures. The Egyptians made them a symbol of royalty and even wore them on the crown, in the Greek legends most famous story involving Draco tells that it

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