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The true ruler of the natal chart

Rahu Ketu -Dasha interpretation and remedy


The snake has been worshiped in all cultures. The Egyptians made them a symbol of royalty and even wore them on the crown, in the Greek legends most famous story involving Draco tells that it

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    A photograph is a shadow of a person or an object. It has no does not breathe smile love, hate, or wink at the looker. Yet it creates an obsession for the owner and possession for the viewer. Modern technology has eased matters by allowing copying and pasting it to the inbox. The shadow has become more powerful than the real.
    The owner tries to look good and does everything thing possible in the tool kit to improve the looks. This does not end here. The owner also goes on in the real life to continue with the look /appearance for continuation. It is interesting to observe how the shadow has managed to rule /dictate the real.
    The reel becomes the real. It has simply created bondage without the bonded knowing it. This can be a photograph trying to look good or the frame of life where we allow others to peek in our deepest secrets. This often happens in life. We unknowingly create some unwanted bondages. Similar to the photograph, we become slaves to it. But how can someone break the unwanted bondage?
    The secret lies in understanding that to accept the bondage and believe in the bondage is the cause of bondage.