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World-The Finals

WORLD KABBALAH CONNECTIONS The last Card of major Arcana is numbered at twenty-one, a combination of Moon and Sun, the nurturer and the life giver. On the Tree of Life World/ Saturn is placed on the joining path of Yesod and Malchut. This path is known as the Administrative Intelligence. This is the path on which the
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Magus and His World

MAGICIAN KABBALAH CONNECTION Known as magician, magus or juggler, this is one of the most intriguing cards of tarot. This card is attributed to letter Beth, which means house. On the tree of life Magician stands connecting the path of Keter and Binah, known as the
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Tower- Beginning of an End.

Life can go wrong at any time. Perfectly seeming pictures can become a symbol of destruction, share markets may crash, one may lose spouse to cruel destiny or the pink slip can be yours this time. These are the hard realities
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