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Thank You

A small gesture of thanks can change a solemn face to a smiling one.One word of thanks or sorry can ease many troubles. Often children are told to say thank you and to teach them parents keep saying thank you at every occasion.Habit and practice go side by side for making things look
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The blood bath in Adra , Orion, one of the brightest red star floating in the cosmos , has a great significance to our present society. Brahma , creator of universe , loses his upward looking head in Adra causing blood shed .Rudra ( the angry avatar of Shiva ) punishes Brahma ,because the creator
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Brahma created the planets the stars, man and the entire universe .Out of all constellations he created, Rohini was the best. He saw Rohini and fell in love with her, chased her in Mrigshira only to lose one of his heads in Adra ,to Rudra. Rudra did not accept this violation and cursed Brahma, “You
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