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Angels and demons

Time and again mythology reminds us of what the man has gone through. Stories from every culture have spoken about some catastrophe that has tested man and his relationship with nature. Whenever the balance tilts the man has to suffer. Collectively we reap and collectively we pay. Time has proven that tragedies and disasters bind us stronger than happiness. These are the times to live more spiritually and believe in nature.
In the movie, Exodusgodsandkings 2014, Moses, advised by God asks his followers to mark their doors with lamb blood &stay inside. Later plague destroyed Ramsey and his men causing the fall of the Egyptian empire. Hebrews lived on. in modern times this is a mythological reminder – StayHomeStaySafe
Here is a very poignant quote by Will Durant “So the story of man runs in a dreary circle because he is not yet master of the earth that holds him.”

These are tough times for the entire world. The lockdown is not going to be easy for many of us. we will see the angels in us soar and the demons drag them down. The urge to go and live normally is too strong to resist. But we don’t need to suppress this rather accept it in the most gentle way possible.
This time will bring the best out of us. Being at home will connect us with our loved one and we will discover our passions ignored due to lack of time. Find what we loved doing and had no time for that. Parents will get to know their children better. Many children often stay quiet and do not express themselves out of fear of ridicule. There will many facets of our own personality that will surface and we will meet our own devils on this journey. How we deal with them will give us an insight into our own strength. Disagreements will settle down or many of us may fight and express what we had been suppressing in the deep corners of the heart. Let us find the best in us and meet the darkness as well.

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  1. Dr Vinod Sharma


    • Maina Bhatnagar

      Thanks Dr. Vinod.

  2. Saloni

    Beautiful! Reassuring.

    • Maina Bhatnagar

      Thanks, Saloni.I appreciate your time.

  3. Rajvir

    A very positive & beautiful insight of the present time. A fantastic narration!!
    Plenty of time to retrospect & introspect!

  4. Anupama Bhinder

    Maina ji, very good explanation. I read it today. It is a gift for me. But I received it today due to busy schedule I could not read it timely. My birthday was on 26th March
    Thanks a lot for this lovely gift forever .

    • Maina Bhatnagar

      Anupama, wishing you a very happy belated birthday. May God bless you always. Thanks a lot for reading.

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