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Maina Bhatnagar Maina Bhatnagar is a practicing astrologer with an experience of over two decades and a tarot card reader.She has been writing column for various magazines. She is a regular speaker at various public forums.  Her clients are from everyday walks of life to corporates like City bank, HSBC, Airtel and Times of India. She is the author of “The Secret Bridge of Tarot and Astrology”, based on the tarot cards, her other books are “Unlocking Time Prediction Through Krishnamurti Paddhati and Unlocking Love Marriage Divorce Through Krishnamurti Paddhati and a fiction , Bricks.    Her books are available through Alpha Publishers, Flipkart and Amazon. They are available online as eBook on Kindle.’Unlocking Time Prediction Through Krishnamurti Paddhati ” has been marked by Amazon as the number 1 best seller in Astrology.She practices astrological reading as a science and offers explanatory advice to clients with logical explanations. Her approach is to help the clients understand and educate them about the true reasons behind troubles they are facing in their lives. She believes that we can deal with difficult times positively if we are able to find the reasons that create upheaval. She offers very simple and practical solutions to their problems. Maina Bhatnagar is also well-known tarot card reader for more than three decades. She has a unique ability to interpret the tarot cards. She has acquired her skills with a great deal of practice and reading for over decades, apart from a certain degree of talent and intuitive powers. As psychic readings rely on the intuitive powers of the reader, she has developed an innate ability through practice of the ESP and precognition.She has been teaching astrology and tarot cards to many.

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Maina Bhatnagar Amazon has marked my book at a# 1 best seller in the Astrology category.