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Magus and His World



Known as magician, magus or juggler, this is one of the most intriguing cards of tarot. This card is attributed to letter Beth, which means house. On the tree of life Magician stands connecting the path of Keter and Binah, known as the path of transparent intelligence.


A young, energetic vibrant looking man points his one finger to the sky and the other one downwards, says “As above so below”. He bears in his right hand the Style, in his left hand the Papyrus. He is the messenger of gods. He points above which is symbolic of pineal gland in human body, heaven and god. The serpent Ouroboros wrapped around Magician’s waist bites in his own tail signifying the eternity, the self-sufficient and the endless cycle of nature. The red and white roses are symbol of desires and spirituality, the conjunction of opposites, joining the micro with the macro. The horizontal figure of 8 that floats over his head is an ancient Gnostic symbol. The Magician holds a magic wand, to conjure up the magic. He has the tools of all the elements of tarot, placed on his table Wand, Cup, Sword and Pentacle representing the elements of Fire, Water Air and Earth.


He is the male power of creation, created by will power and desires. His table has all the elements of nature that he has mastered and he will reveal them to you when he shows up in the spread. Taking action, new message, business transactions, power, originality, poise, new beginnings, great potentials, sometimes occult power and quick impulse are some of the meanings of this card. Magician is about the magic of possibilities, creativity, sheer will power and enthusiasm. He takes up all the raw material of intellect, emotions, body and creativity and creates a new world. He asks you to use communication, talents, take initiative and use divine powers judiciously. Magician refers to a person who is more likely to represent someone acting on desires to achieve control over his world. He is in the process of discovering inner powers. Since Magician is more of an external and dynamic character he is the kind who will have positive outlook and takes charge independently. As in line with the card’s symbolism, he refers to a person interested in magic and metaphysics. Negative aspect can make him a trickster, in need of imagination, lacking confidence and abusive of power.

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